QuantaByte 2.0 – Under Construction

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QuantaByte 2.0 – Under Construction


QuantaByte started from nothing more than an idea in Dainfern Johannesburg in 2010 and refused to fade away as most startups often do with the first few years of their existence. Its improbable survival has been nothing short of a tour de force on a herculean scale! So what was QuantaByte supposed to be to begin with? Well actually it wasn’t supposed to be QuantaByte, it was supposed to be “NinjaByte” ( and no ‘shrooms’ were involved either) but that didn’t really foster much confidence in those who reluctantly played the role of ‘sounding board’ for the concept – it was painfully immature, flabbergasting and lacking any trace of ambition.

It seemed like the sort of name a hermit techie, ostracized from society for his unbridled weirdness and unkempt beehive would use on a God of War gaming server account. After all, he would be some ferocious keyboard warrior who struck ‘fear’ into the heart of his fake nemesis who dared go online, risking his/her very limited ADSL data bundle to be subjected to another dirty hiding (that ADSL data cap was actually a real thing by the way).



Well… that’s about as awesome as he would ever get, and only in between his ears during an R.E.M. sleep cycle. Alternatively it would be when his next pay cheque came along, which was then religiously followed by mindless tech purchases because of the cashier there who ‘would always smile’ at him when he went to buy stuff! He would feel like THE MAN!

Meanwhile, back on Earth… QuantaByte was just supposed to be an IT Support company – nothing more! For a while it plodded along waiting for its handler to realize its full potential – half a decade later! It was definitely worth the wait! QuantaByte has come into its own, has found its place in the world and will leave an indelible mark in the minds of by-standers while kicking up dust in the faces of naysayers proving it is here, but not just to stay, but to make history and uhhh… banish the incumbents to the annals of history!

Follow us on our journey over the next few years. If we told you now of the things we will do over the next few years, you would say one word that drives our resolve like no other – “IMPOSSIBLE!” QuantaByte has consolidated all the relevant skill sets within the team to drive an entirely new and singular agenda that begins with development, high end support services and hosting. This is actually the clearing of the land, the laying of the foundations, the navigation of the mine field (we should actually leave those in place just in case pretenders to the throne try to follow behind us); you know, the sort of stuff other entrepreneurs quit over. One moment while I Google the correctness of my use of that word…

Yup, looks legit. Okay, so we will put some of our breaking news here and on our social media accounts if reporters don’t beat us to it. Link up with us on there and tell us what you think we’re up to. We promise not to tell you if you’re right and if your feedback is a really great idea that we hadn’t already thought about, then well, let’s just say you read our minds you sneaky so n so!

That’s it for now, later! 😛


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