Server Support

The QuantaByte Standard

At QuantaByte, we believe tech is awesome – all the time!


Servers are our passion and we are always up to a good challenge! So if you are a corporate client and already have a server environment which your current IT service provider is struggling to reign in – call us… we have you covered!

If you want to upgrade your IT setup and want sound and professional guidance on what you will require as well as a team to do the setup – we can do that too! WE are vendor neutral but will not waste our time with cheap equipment just to secure a client and get things moving.

We thoroughly enjoy what we do and are actually brilliant at it too! Don’t just take our word for it though, call up any of our clients and ask them for yourself!

Please note that QuantaByte no longer offers desktop support to new clients.

Server Support Services


QuantaByte provides corporate clients with:

• Microsoft Server installation

• Microsoft Active Directory configuration

• Microsoft Group Domain Policy configuration

• Microsoft Server Security configuration

• Microsoft Server Data Security configuration

• Microsoft Domain VPN configuration

• Microsoft Data and Bare Metal backups


QuantaByte provides corporate clients with:

• Microsoft Exchange Server installation

• Microsoft Exchange certificate installation

• Microsoft Exchange Mail retention configuration

• Configuration of Exchange SPAM/Malware filtering

• Custom Exchange POP connector configuration

• Reconfiguration of client Domain MX-Records

• Configuration of routing rules (Port Forwarding)


QuantaByte provides corporate clients with:

• Linux Server installation and configuration

• PHP Server installation and configuration

• Apache Server installation and configuration

• MySQL Server installation and configuration

• Zimbra server installation and configuration

• Samba shares configuration

• Linux Server backup, maintenance and security

ICT Service & Support Rates

ICT Advisory

ZAR 850

p/hour (excl. V.A.T.)

• Site Inspection
• Client Project Discussions
• Project Plan
• Project Management


Server Support

ZAR 850

p/hour (excl. V.A.T.)

• Site and system Inspection
• Client Project Discussions
• Systems Engineer labour